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Rubix Cube Render I Made in Blender

Over this past weekend, I began to play around with Three.js, React Three Fiber, and Blender which led me to find some cool ways to make 3D art with JavaScript. As a visual learner and a creatively inclined person, when I realized you could create artistic 3D renderings with programming I immediately became absorbed into it. Playing around with this small experimental project allowed me to go into the deepest state of flow I have ever been while programming.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson (photo by me circa January 2020)

Over the past decade I have paid to see world renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson speak live at New Jersey Performing Arts Center(NJPAC) twice about the universe and its endless possibilities. These talks gave me more insight into how the known universe worked and expanded my mind to things that are still a mystery to scientist studying the universe. The universe is a strange place and many phenomenon happen that simply cannot be explained yet. It has fascinated me since I was a child watching Nova on channel thirteen/PBS network(didn’t have cable then). Not to mention that astronomy was my…

Everything designed by me


A plethora of people living in Newark, New Jersey experience jobs leading to a dead end where the wages are low. A survey I sent out gave me crucial insights into what residents say is a lack of transparency about career training and certifications. Residents of Newark also stated that there simply was not enough careers available for them to pursue in general. Newark had a 2020 initiative which was striving to employ 2,020 people in Newark by 2020. While results of the initiative are ongoing, the training needed is still crucial. The results of the this presents a chicken…

Logo and screens designed by me

How can UX design be implemented to get litter off the ground?


After sending out a survey to residents of Newark New Jersey to find out about problems being faced, one prominent issue I discovered was litter scattered throughout Newark neighborhoods. Many residents say they have frequently experienced trash littered all around their streets by those walking by and it causes a huge quality of life issue for them. One survey recipient even stated that it caused them to feel depressed about where they lived when seeing trash left all around. …

AR screen I designed in Adobe XD

Over the past month of May 2021, my senior phase team at Fullstack Academy worked on a project called ‘eARTh’ which allows users to create their own Augmented Reality (AR) models on our website and render them with spatial sound on our mobile app. This project, which we plan on continuing to develop, required us to search for potential AR frameworks and libraries to build a mobile app and we ended up using Viro React, though it is now deprecated. While we had some major troubles early on and continue to do so using the framework, the capabilities that it…

If your like me, a primarily Windows computer and Android phone user, then going through a Coding Bootcamp like Fullstack Academy tailored to UNIX and Linux based operating systems will be a challenge. The good news is that after going through Fullstack Academy and being a week shy of graduation, I have prepared some helpful tips to overcome these challenges. Below are some helpful tools, tricks, and tips for you to overcome hurdles I faced as a Windows user in the coding bootcamp.

Windows Subsystem For Linux(WSL2)

Be the black sheep

In life, the actions we take and the results we get stem largely from the way we view and think about the world. Much of our thinking and habits are formed in our adolescent years while attending school as our minds develop. In general, I believe we either fall into two categories, followers or rebellious people. Followers can be anything from athletes, those in student government, fraternities and sororities, valedictorians. Rebellious people are everything from introverts who don’t follow social norms to students who get expelled a lot. These roles we take on in our mind developing years not only…

In 2019, I made one of the best decisions ever in learning how to cut my own hair. I bought some clippers, combs, disinfectant, and some oil and never looked back. This skill especially came in handy during 2020’s surprise pandemic which shut barbershops down. More than just the cool feeling of learning how to do something (especially to meet your own needs), I had the feeling of power that I never had when I relied on a barbershop solely to keep me looking ‘acceptable’ in the public’s eye. The constant frustration of depending on barber’s, who have dynamic lives…

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

When I first started to notice the billion dollar ‘unicorn’ startups being founded by 20-something years old from their garages, it sent my mind into idea overdrive. It seemed like almost every week I had come across a new article of financial success achieved by a small group of young college or freshly post-college age students changing something in the world. Young, broke, and ambitious, I decided to try my hand at creating my own startup while in college. It was an exciting feeling of striking out for myself to create something new, a mobile app I envisioned called ‘…

Keon Jukes

Using my finite time to explore everything, discover anything, and create many things until death.

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