Quotes From Marcus Garvey That Invoke Thought

A photo I took at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

“The (Black Man) must be up and doing if he will break down the prejudice of the rest of the world. Prayer alone is not going to improve our condition, nor the policy of watchful waiting. We must strike out for ourselves in the course of material achievement; by our own effort and energy present to the world those forces by which the progress of man is judged.”

- Marcus Garvey

“If you haven’t confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started. ”
― Marcus Garvey

Richard Branson’s Advice For Picking Startup Ideas

“Screw Business as Usual” (photo by me circa 2017)

What started out as a random Google search to see if any notable people shared the same birthday, July 18, as me lead to my discovery of serial entrepreneur Richard Branson. His story of overcoming dyslexia to go on to build multiple successful businesses truly inspired me. Eager to learn more about how Richard Branson created so many successful business, I decided to purchase his book “Screw Business As Usual” during a trip to Barnes and Nobles hoping to get tips on how to create a successful business.

While the book gave me a understanding on Richard Branson’s unorthodox way…

Cuttlefish, a type of cephalopod which includes Octopus, Squids, and Nautilus

Change is the only constant in the universe. Everything from the most Nano particle on earth to the hypergiant stars in the galaxy are all constantly in flux. Nothing in this world stays fixed for long without deteriorating. The biggest change currently being experienced is the new use of face mask due to Covid-19, which took the world by storm almost a year ago. Many times we get used to how things are and struggle to adapt to life’s new circumstances and therefore fight an uphill battle against the inevitable. …

A Concept For A Hyperloop’s Levitation, Braking, And Propulsion System

Name inspired by Dr. Alvenia Fulton (designed by me in photoshop)

Today there are four primary forms of transportation in cars, boats, trains, and airplanes to get to where you want to go. Most of these methods of transportation expel lots of polluting gasses into the atmosphere which are detrimental to the environment and walking certain distances as a alternative would not be realistic for daily travel. While electric alternatives are becoming more ubiquitous in the world, there is still a long way to go before they replace their gas guzzling adversaries. In thinking of more solutions to the previous article I wrote on UX improvements for NJ Transit, I realized…

Insights From Talks Given By Malcolm Gladwell, Simon Sinek, And Nir Eyal

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Over the last decade, I got to see three prominent authors in their respective niches speak live and discuss their books in depth. Each of the authors viewpoints helped expand my personal worldview with the arguments they brought forth. Here are three key takeaways I got from hearing them speak live on topics ranging from social justice and finding your purpose to becoming laser-focused on your goals.

Malcolm Gladwell

Learn How To Think For Yourself To Produce Original Ideas

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

If you reject anyone’s imaginative ideas solely based on other people’s formulas to create products and services, you probably are trapped in their dogma. This is one of the most dangerous things to do, and I admit I’ve done it, when you want to innovate. For instance, I have become trapped in Peter Thiel’s and Y Combinator’s dogma multiple times on what it takes to create a successful company, but their criteria and formulas are not the end-all, be-all. …

Keep your blood sugar stable to control your energy

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

Do you look at the foods you consume as points or detractors from an overall score which is your health? Well if you struggle with staying productive and getting your goals completed, than you may be able to benefit from gamifying your diet to optimize each of your finite days alive. Over the past years, I‘ve become obsessed with the inputs and outputs of each food and drink I consume.

When I was ignorant to how each food I consumed effected my body, I would constantly become less energetic, complete less work, and worst of all become tired. I was…

Shake Shack’s decision to place their trucks in parking lots was a genius marketing move

What’s the best way to build long lasting customer relationships? Being anywhere and everywhere your customers are to bring your products to them. Over the past month, I have noticed two Shake Shack food trucks with long lines full of customers driving up for their burgers, fries, and shakes.

An obviously smart marketing move, but still tactical, Shake Shack trucks have been pulling up to a parking lot near a Best Buy, Target, and a mall to meet customers as they head back to their cars from shopping.

With COVID-19 leading to the closing of multiple businesses, I asked myself…

Lets face it, creating software that is used repeatedly by the masses is extremely hard. Over the past year I have been creating Amazon Alexa skills after learning Voiceflow’s No Code voice software. Like any other thing you want to do, its best to learn by doing and experimenting, so that is the approach I took.

While the first two skills I created had very few opens, my third one seemed to stand out and pick up steam among customers. I was shocked to say the least. The Alexa skills which I spent long hours and sleepless nights building with…

Creative Commons license

After fighting a bout with procrastination to write and publish my first short story, I realized that there were two main ingredients which stopped me from taking action. Those two being the following:

  • Entropy — a lack of order or predictability ; gradual decline into disorder.
  • Parkinson’s Law — work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion

It seems that when we are procrastinating, we fluctuate from extreme order and discipline to complete inertia and indecisiveness. I recognized that this came from entropy, which is probably the most dominant inevitable force in the universe. We start…

Keon Jukes

Using my finite time to explore everything.

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